BAUMIT StarTrack Red plug insulation fixings - box of 100

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Product information:

- Façade without thermal bridges

- No 'surprises' when drilling

- Perfect anchoring


Additional mechanical fixing alternative to standard dowelling, in the case of existing old plaster. Existing old plaster up to a max. total thickness of 40 mm can be bridged over. Drill bit Ø: 8 mm.


Guide consumption: 6 StarTrack units per square meter. Actual consumption is dependent on the specific insulated wall Uneven areas in the subsurface, with gaps and holes, increase the number of anchors used. 


StarTrack can only be used for EPS insulating panels, they cannot be used if mineral wool has been selected as the thermal insulation.


The thicker the insulating material, the more expensive and the more difficult it is to use traditional dowels. StarTrack (adhesive anchors) is universally applicable - regardless of the thickness of the insulating material.

 Descritpion: The Baumit StarTrack optimises the thermal insulation of buildings: its has been proven to lower the costs of façade formation. Traditional dowelling requires time – with the Baumit StarTrack the process is much quicker. And with four designs, this innovation from Baumit is suitable for all underlayers – from plastered brickwork to concrete walls and old thermal insulation composite systems.

Whether the insulation boards are 10 or 30 centimetres thick, the Baumit StarTrack has the correct length and always fits. In addition, there are no thermal bridges when using the Baumit StarTrack. 

Adhesion technology is increasingly replacing traditional bonding methods such as welding, bolting and riveting. Cars, aircraft and even bridges are using adhesion technology to an ever greater extent. Thermal insulation composite systems with EPS-F insulation boards are also only adhered to substrates in perfect condition, such as brickwork for example. On contaminated substrates (old buildings), however, they have to be fixed with dowels in addition to adhesion. It is precisely the quality of this substrate that is the weak link in the substrate-adhesive-insulating material chain. Until now that is, since Baumit has developed a solution that eliminates this weakness. The Baumit StarTrack. 


The Baumit StarTrack is anchored in the load-bearing brickwork and is equipped with an adhesive patch before the insulation boards are stuck on. This creates additional composite adhesion points, which are securely adhered to the load-bearing brickwork.

SAVES COSTS: The thicker the insulation material, the more energy is saved. Until now, however, longer dowels and drills were also required for thicker insulation boards, which incurred substantial additional costs. Costs that don't apply with the Baumit StarTrack.

APPLIED CORRECTLY AND SAFELY: The Baumit StarTrack is put in place before the insulation boards are attached. The nature and the condition of the substrate can therefore be directly assessed, errors in joint location are a thing of the past etc. and it is easy to check whether it is a solid fit. Should a Baumit StarTrack still not fit tightly, it can simply be removed and a new one correctly anchored in its place.

PROTECTS ENVIRONNEMENT: The correctly applied StarTrack guarantees one hundred per cent thermal bridge-free thermal insulation and thus prevents unnecessary energy loss. Together with thermal restoration, the Baumit StarTrack thus contributes to achieving the Kyoto objectives: to protect the environment in the long term, emissions of CO2 must be substantially reduced. Thermal restoration with the Baumit StarTrack is a worthwhile investment for your own living space and for the future of our children.


SAVES TIME: Baumit StarTrack restores an attractive façade more quickly: Dowelling requires time. Before fitting the dowel, you have to wait for the adhesive to harden. Afterwards, the head of the dowel is then usually scraped off as well. The Baumit StarTrack allows the insulation plates to be adhered immediately after they have been put in place, even during scaffolding work, and there is also no need for them to be scraped off.

Product Info
Pack Size 100 pcs
Coverage 6 units per m2