ETICS Pure Gold - Render remover and cleaner 5 Litre

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Product: Specially designed and tested to remove top coat and base coat render stains and spillages from all surfaces.

ETICS Gold contains revolutionary Nano technology which penetrates and lifts dirt and soiling, removing top coat and base coat where spills have occurred whilst rendering external walls.

Description: At last a unique cleaning product specifically designed for cleaning render and top coat stains available now.

ETICS Gold was specially designed by a professional EWI installation contractor company specifically for the removal of top coat and render stains and spillages. Born out of necessity ETICS Gold was formulated on site to resolve a serious staining problem which was in urgent need of resolving both in order to get paid the final balance and secondly to leave the site in good order.

Since then ETICS Gold has been perfected and vigorously tested across sites in the UK from one off residential in Scotland to a multi-street in Cambridge to high rise blocks of flats in London it has been tested on most brands of modern renders and top coats in the EWI market

ETICS Gold removes render and top coat spillages and dried on stains with ease utilising its secret formula based on space technology – NANO Energy Cells – these cells work by actively lifting layer by layer at the same time actually reversing the curing process of the render product until the dried on stain retorts to being a wet product once more, leaving the stain easy to rinse away.

Nothing else on the market has this unique action and you will be amazed by the cleaning power of ETICS Gold it is also good to know that it carries the coveted ‘Food Safe label’ this means it is practically harmless to environment, wildlife and humans it is not only safe it is a pleasure to use on the following surfaces

  • Brick & concrete
  • U-PVC
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Plastic & Rubber
  • Tarmac
  • Stone

- ETICS Gold is also very safe to use whilst being very aggressive to the unwanted stain or spillage.

- Certified Food Safe

- Non-Toxic

- ECO Safe and Friendly

- No Specific PPE Required

Make ETICS Gold your go to solution for removing render or top coat spills and staining!!

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